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In this dollhouse I wanted to have a current trend (modern farmhouse) meeting an evergreen theme (horse/pet care) in a set that has loads of story opportunities.

Creative kids need creative spaces! The Hobby Workshop is a "kid cave" for the mechanics, artists, makers, and tinkerers, offering a multiuse workspace, "shop" style aesthetics, and storage for all things play!

Hobby Workshop Playhouse


Gravity wall with pegboard, chutes, spinners, balls, and kid friendly hardware for custom building

It's not a shed without storage! Keep all the backyard toys neatly packed up underneath the bench seating.


It's closing tiiiime! Hand crank allows kids to control the garage door.

Inside area features large work bench surface with tons of storage and space for a variety of creative activities


Legos, painting, play-doh, or puzzles! Whatever the activity, these plastic trays and organizational containers were designed to keep your projects neat, provide ample space, and clean up easy!

Keep the shop tidy! Recycle those paper cuttoffs in the recylce bin designed to hold a standard brown paper grocery bag.


Pets and stuffed animals welcome! 

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