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Dollhouse Furniture Packs

This project was developed to fill a price gap in our doll product line, adding lower price point options for customers. My goal with these accessory sets was to create not just miniature furniture pieces, but elements that could increase the depth of storytelling for doll play.


We brainstormed a lot of ideas around themes, rooms, holidays, and events. We also investigated competitive sets, what they offered in terms of innovation, material, and price value.

Untitled_Artwork (87).PNG
doll furni 4.PNG
ikea furni 2.PNG
ikea furni 1.PNG
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The three ideas we moved forward with were kitchen, bedroom, and home gym. We chose these as our debut furniture packs for their ability to work with any dollhouse while adding play depth that standard dollhouses do not provide.

Untitled-Artwork - 2021-10-10T110447.648.JPG

The kitchen was all about designing elements that extended and facilitated story telling. When dolls make food, what do they cook with? How do they serve it? Where do they serve it? What about clean up?


In the sketch phase I explored visually what the play would be while beginning to rough in cost estimates on components.

Untitled-Artwork - 2021-10-10T110456.212.JPG

Barbie isn't called a fashion doll for no reason, but where in her bedroom does she keep all those clothes? Organization is a strong play pattern for children, so how can dolls organize their belongings? What kind of furniture might they need?

Untitled-Artwork - 2021-10-10T110500.828.JPG

The home gym was designed around both kids' own movement and their aspirations to imitate mom and dad in their "adult" exercise habits.



3D modeling and prototyping helped inform more accurate costs, better price value, and functioning doll ergonomics.

Working on the three sets simultaneously made it challenging but essential to maintain price value across the line. If anything was added or subtracted from any set, the value change had to be reflected in the other two.


Final Products

In our final version of the kitchen set we delivered a space where dolls can prep food, serve it to friends, eat at the counter, clean up in the sink, recycle, and even take out the trash. Having more pieces to act out the daily routines gives kids elements for stories and imaginative play.

With this pack we created a furniture set that delivers on two play patterns, dress up and organization. In the master closet set, Barbie can throw bedroom fashion shows in her full length mirror all while keeping her many ensembles neatly organized in the wardrobe, shoe tower, hamper, and credenza.


Kids love to move so why shouldn't their dolls? With the home gym we built exercise pieces that reflect what a child might have in their own ballet studio as well as the equipment their parents may use. This set includes a mini daily workout routine spiral book for dolls that involves the included pieces.

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