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Prairieview Cover Page.png

Big play value packed into a size that fits cozily into any backyard (or basement!). This playhouse offers both timeless features of traditional home play as well as brand new innovations all wrapped up in a cute package.

Prairie View Background.png
Backrground Red.png

This playhouse was one for Sam's Club, a membership retailer where shoppers expect both exclusive innovation as well as incredible value for their dollar. Our goal was to design a house that offered maximum play, fresh features, and a cute aesthetic.

Ideation Blue.png

If users expect extreme play value for price, what is the best way to pack in the most fun? What features will maximize the play experience in 4 walls? 

Prairie View Ideation.png
Prairie View Sink 1.png

What if we combined our bay window and sink into a single plastic mold?

Prairie View Roof image.png

Can we utilize both sides of our plastic roof to provide two options of roof styles? Shingled or metal?

3D Model Red.png
Prairie View 3D Model.png
Prairie View Final 1.png
Final Product Blue.png
Prairie View Final 2.jpg
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