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Turtle Totter Cover.jpg
Turtle Background.jpg

How are parents and children DIY-ing their own balance and coordination activities? 

How many balance activities can be built into a single, affordable product? 

How can developmental skills be designed through the lens of an imaginative story?

Background blue.png

The purpose of this project was to create an outdoor play product that expanded KidKraft’s offering of entry level pricepoint items, showing clear developmental benefits with an imaginative theme.

Untitled-Artwork - 2020-05-18T164834.242.JPG
Untitled_Artwork - 2021-07-24T190626.891.jpg
Untitled-Artwork - 2020-05-18T080900.296.JPG
Untitled-Artwork - 2020-05-18T080900.296.JPG
Untitled_Artwork - 2021-07-24T190634.556.jpg
Untitled_Artwork - 2021-07-24T190646.743.jpg
Untitled_Artwork - 2021-07-24T190626.891.jpg
Green Ideation.png
Untitled_Artwork - 2021-07-24T190632.112.jpg
Untitled_Artwork - 2021-07-24T190637.730.jpg
Turtle Prototype.jpg
Prototyping 3D modeling green.png

Collaborating with sculptors, engineers, and supplier teams in China, the turtle concept below transformed from sketch to product.

Turtle Final.jpg
Final Product Blue.png
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